This Week at CBC:

Sunday, August 2

 8:45 am Worship service

                 in FLC &

                 Live on Facebook

10:00 AM  Small Groups

                   Worship service on 105.9 FM

11:05 AM   Worship service

                   in the Sanctuary

 6:00 PM   Adult Bible Study 

 6:00 PM  Vacation Bible School

Monday, August 3

 6:00 PM  Vacation Bible School

Tuesday, August 4

 1:00-3:00 PM Clothing room

 6:00 PM  Vacation Bible School


Wednesday, August 5

 6:00 PM Calvary Kids Bible Study (Zoom) 

 6:00 PM  Vacation Bible School

 6:30 PM Adult Bible Study

Thursday, August 6   

 1:00-3:00 PM Clothing room 

 6:00 PM  Vacation Bible School                             


Items needed for Christmas in August missionary. NCMC Baptist Student Union. If you have donated - thanks very much. If you bring - please leave by the office door or call 646-1043 if you need help. THANK YOU


Kleenex (pocket size) 


Adult online Bible studies are available on Wednesday and Sunday nights. You can join one or both of these by emailing calvaryonlinebiblestudy@gmail.com and an invite will be sent to you.

Call the church office and give us your email.

We will get an invite sent to you!

(660) 646-3578

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