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Family Discipleship Resources

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Family Devotions

A Word from Donald Whitney on How to Do Family Devotions

Click on the link for a helpful article from Focus on the Family about how to start and maintain family devotions:

Here is another helpful link to access more family ministry resources:

A helpful resource for families is the use of a catechism to help children learn foundational realities about God. A catechism is made up of a question you ask your child who then learns a short answer to that question that he or she can remember for years to come. Click on this link to access a catechism you can use with your family:

Suggested Resources for Your Marriage 

5 love languages.jpg

The Five Love Languages

Gary Chapman

sacred marriage.jpg

Sacred Marriage

Gary Thomas

love and respect.jpg

Love and Respect

Emerson Eggeriches

Online Marriage Studies  

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